LandArt Impression, Inc.
14907 Good Hope Road, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20905
Hours: Spring and Summer; 9 am - 7 pm,
Fall and Winter; Call for appointment (301) 879-3111

LandArt Impression, (formerly Good Hope Garden, Inc.) is a locally owned and operated landscape design business in Silver Spring, Maryland. LandArt Impression specializes in Japanese, feng-shui, and spiritual gardening, low maintennce gardening, and offers the areas largest selections of garden statuaries and ornaments.

Tucked neatly away in Silver Spring, Maryland, is LandArt Impression, an emporium of natural resources to do just that. Covering over five acres, the owner and manager have over 18 years of experience, and their staff has assembled a large collection of plants, landscape accessories, and garden supplies to suit any home or business setting. Specializing in garden and landscape planning with a distinctly Asian flair, LandArt Impression offers expert landscaping for creating tranquil Japanese, feng-shui, and spiritual gardens that are low maintenance to fit the American lifestyle.

A walk through the beautiful and unique collection of LandArt Impression reveals a wide selection of pottery, plants, fruit and ornamental tress, and shrubs. The Asian influence is found in the large selection of Asian and Pacific trees including banana, guavam, persimmon, Asian pear, and jujubee. To depict harmony in feng-shui garden style, Asian garden accessories including bamboo chimes, water fountains, and stone lanterns can be purchased. Inside the on-site greenhouses, one can find hundreds of exotic cacti. Unique pottery carefully selected of the highest quality from Asia, are dispersed throughout the grounds. Another specialty of LandArt Impression, and one that blends well with the simplicity and tranquility of the classic Asian garden are the water gardens. Supplies and accessories for even the most serious water gardener can be found here, from fountains to fish (koi), from pumps to water plants.

Some of what to expect:

  • Unique garden services
  • Garden center and greenhouses
  • Expert advice and suggestions
  • Japanese gardens
  • Feng-shui gardens
  • Spiritual gardens
  • Tranquil water gardens / ponds
  • Areas largest choice / garden statuaries and ornaments
  • Complete water garden supplies
  • Tropical and bonsai plants
  • Low-maintenance layouts
  • Large imported pottery selection
  • Creative bamboo and cactus
  • Orchard and fruit trees, and more...